Application and Software Development

Computer aided business solutions needs technological infrastructure and application development competence as well as process and functional product knowledge. In this sense, requirements in applications and between applications may not be met with company, department or user specific standard customizations. At this point, ERA provides development solutions for within application and between applications to different sectors.

The applications developed by ERA, provide information sharing between employees. ERA knows that the first and the important point for success projects is detail and comprehensive analysis. Consultants, and business and technical analysts perform appropriate analysis of projects for the solution will be developed to best suit the company's requirements. The solution may be completely unique to your company or a customization of ready solution to fit your needs. With deep experience, ERA gives guaranty to finish the projects to be on time, on budget and have expected functionality.

Software Development and Integration Services can be grouped as follows:
  • Cash and Budget Management Solutions
  • Integration with Warehouse Management Solutions
  • Bank Integration
  • OLTP and OLAP Systems Integration
  • Integration with Advance Planning Systems
  • Integration with IFRS Systems
  • POS Integration
  • RF / Radio Frequency Reader Integration
  • e-Supplier, e-customers, e-Portal Applications
  • B2B, B2C, e-business Applications
  • Web Application Server
  • J2EE, PHP,C++, etc.