ERP Committee, met with ERP Manufactures and Service Providers

ERP Committee, together with a local ERP ERP Builders developing projects to expand the market.

Committee ERP ERP users in Turkey, academics, management consultants, strategists, as well as trade, industry and service sector companies and organizations operating in the Business Practices aims to be the center of communication between organizations. Manufacturers of ERP sector with developing applications that use this area aims to enhance the ERP Committee, was founded on February 13, 2012, and more than 750 individual and corporate members. The committee’s official website for more information:

organized by the Committee of Erp, ERP Manufacturers and service providers meeting held on May 7, Logo Business Solutions Executive Board Member Ugur Nuri Sipahi, ABAS Turkey General Manager Burhan Oralp, ETG Consulting Managing Partner, Leo Guler, AKDATASOFT General Manager Hakan Akalin, Uyumsoft Deputy General Manager Huseyin Sahin, Vice President of Workcube craving Turhan, Guest Speaker Harry Yeker Former General Manager of SAP SET Software General Manager Ahmet Aksit, CEO of Elsys War Komba, Turkey General Manager Behiç Ferhatoğlu IAS, IAS General Manager Hakan Özkara, Meeting Moderator BTHaber Editor in Chief Coordinator of the Committee of Fatih M. Yellow and ERP SARP Göker took place. The meeting focused on joint projects to improve local Business Applications Marketplace and discussed. Meetings held in conjunction with the ERP manufacturers will continue periodically. Awareness-raising activities.

ERP Committee, industrial, commercial or service sectors, carry out the aims to promote awareness-raising activities and ERP applications and platforms. The coming period, academics, management consultants and strategists, through the ERP Market, ERP aims to lead the development and awareness raising seminars organized by the Committee on Commerce, Industry and Service organizations and brand managers to be held in the Independent Days of ERP, ERP manufacturer and service provider companies in Turkey , academics, management consultants, media organizations, ERP Project Teams expected to attend.

Targeted Projects ERP Committee, the country needed operational efficiency, excellence in projects aimed at trying to succeed. Academics, management consultant and ERP software development platforms User Committee members, large-scale business applications, data analysis, decision support systems, resource planning and optimization of the advanced expertise and experience, will be the use of ERP applications in commerce, industry and service organizations is the desire to provide the benefit of .

Committee will participate in these activities efficiently operating market all of the local ERP software companies, academics, ERP user companies, management consultants, invites you to come together in the organizational structure.


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