Software Testing Services

ERA Consulting Services as a result of many years in information systems were created in the software testing process know-how, software, automation and validation issues are shared with customers. Information technology (IT) projects, tests ERA Consulting Services experienced test team by the latest test methodologies, techniques and automation tools used in a professional way to do so that information systems at least error and maximum performance to implement is provided.

One of the most important part of the software development process in the testing and validation ERA Consulting Services provides professional services in the following topics: /p>

  • Determination of Project Requirements
  • Roles and responsibilities relating to the process of testing on the basis of determining the activity
  • Test process performance indicators and performance targets determination
  • Testing process, methods and techniques relating to the preparation of template
  • Test methods for the documentation of implementation steps
  • Unit test phase and implementation consulting
  • Functional testing and implementation phase counseling
  • Test phase and application integration consultant
  • Automation consulting and implementation phase
  • Load, stress test and operational consulting and implementation phases
  • Education
Project Process Test process Relation

ERA Consulting Services, an experienced team with testing and validation of software projects by collaborating with clients at all stages of successful software products are targeted to the disclosure. For realization of this goal, the project start until the final report published in the staff of the customer application testing processes are corporate positioning.

Our main objective, we work with our projects in all of the systems design, planning, development and testing phase of software bugs found in the commissioning of the system to be solved before provides. Working through the process as ERA Consulting Services firm provide the following outputs:

  • Requirements document
  • Test plan document preparation
  • Test document details
  • Automated test scenarios have been tested
  • Periodic test reports
  • Periodic error reports
ERA Consulting Services as our plus;
  • The experience and knowledge in all phases of project
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) s with the quality and professional service to our customers supply a test
  • Expert team and experience to their customers added value at every stage of the project and improvement
  • The large pool resources
  • Resource continuity