As the world becoming more and more digital, technology has become more and more involved in every phase of our lives. In the digitalization process of the enterprises, the some major services play an important role in this lifecycle.

ERA E-Transformation applications make life easier by enriching the functions they need in invoice, ledger and waybill processes with approval mechanism, process automation and other features in order to make business units more efficient.

You can use ERA e-Transformation applications with simple and modern interface those increasing productivity of your company by maintaining inovation and agility.


ERA e-Invoice sends and receives your invoices digitally and stores them at the same time. It eliminates paper costs while at the same time automating the approval mechanism and workflow functions. It is integrated with all ERP and accounting applications.


ERA e-Archive has similar features to the e-Invoice application. It has been developed for the management of e-archive invoices with invoices issued to e-Archive taxpayers.


ERA e-Waybill is the digital waybill management containing the information that can be included in the waybill according to the law numbered VUK 213 and whose standards are determined by the Revenue Administration Office and has the same quality as the paper waybill. It works integrated with e-Invoice and e-Archive applications.


ERA e-Ledger has the ability to take accounting data and create “Journal Book”, “General Ledger” and related “Certification” files and send them to GİB (Revenue Administration Office) online.

The solution is platform independent. It has the integration capability with all ERP solutions and accounting applications.


ERA e-Producer is the application that covers the creation of the receipt in digital format in accordance with the standards determined by the Revenue Administration, its storage and presentation in both paper and electronic media and its reporting in digital format. It is an electronic document which has the same legal values as the receipt of the agricultural and animal products used as a commercial document that replaces the invoice.


ERA e-Insurance Policy and e-Insurance Commission Expenditure Document are the applications that allow the issuing of these documents which are already in the form of paper, keeping and presenting them in electronic form as electronic documents and keeping and presenting them.

The draft notification of the Revenue Administration Office dated 15.04.2019 envisages the use of taxpayers as of 01.01.2020.

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