Outsourcing, companies only their professional abilities by focusing on the overall business is better managed to become its own specialty fields, and activities of non-experts in the outsourcing company which transferred to the company's competitive advantage and increase profitability in the direction of a management strategy. Information technology companies that want to meet the needs regarding qualified personnel, infrastructure, such as hardware and software are required to invest in different fields. The total cost of ownership of this whole process is usually very high. Therefore, the emphasis on profitability, the company, now needs regarding information technology outsourcing needs with great advantages in the economy is the cost.

Outsourcing of services to be taken to assure the continuity of the company's business and the day of competent human resources needs to have the technological background is of great importance. Secure environment was established in computing systems, seven days a week, 24 hours a day competent and accessible at all times with qualified personnel management, outsourcing companies will provide the necessary security infrastructure has to be and hence, as for emergencies and disaster scenarios ready is required ... ERA Consulting Service, the team consisting of professional staff with our valuable customers, to reach their goals faster and to meet every need in the field of IT outsourcing services offer.

The main external sources of our services;
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