Oracle Cloud enables you to modernize, innovate and gain competitiveness in the digital world by providing complete and integrated cloud services that enable seamless management of workloads in the cloud.

In today's digital age, none of the sectors can stay uninterested to transformation.

Whether it is for increased compliance demands, increased business costs, or the need for improved decision-making ...

Regardless of where the transformation comes from, there will always be new issues to solve.

Stay Ahead with Oracle Cloud Solutions and Stay as Pioneer ...

Experience Tomorrow’s Solutions Today and Become the Pioneer of Innovation with Oracle Cloud Applications...

Oracle allows you to meet your demands with a complete set of processes for your entire business. Whichever direction you need, you can easily start today and grow easily. In addition, no more need for one more version update, maintenance, backup, server, technical infrastructure ...

With cloud services, you can have effortless digital infrastructure, application and development platform and provide end-to-end digital transformation of your business.

Oracle Cloud paves the way for agility and innovation with modern technologies such as social, mobile, analytical, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

From technical infrastructure to applications, ERA is ready with cloud solutions


From financial management to supply chain, from human resources to corporate performance management, cloud applications provide end-to-end digital transformation.


Oracle IaaS, Server and Database needs as a cloud service offers.
Uninterrupted, fast, secure structure allows you to easily meet your technical infrastructure needs.


They are infrastructure and middleware components that enable developers to create, integrate, move, deploy, secure, and manage mobile and web application software.

We focus below products on the rich portfolio of Oracle Cloud:

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud helps companies of all sizes confidently drive the digital economy. Oracle EPM Cloud with modern industry-specific applications, you can

  • Manage the most complex budgeting processes
  • Support accurate and agile plans across finance and business lines
  • Analyze profitability and cost management
  • Accelerate financial closing
  • Be sure that financial consolidation is correct and healthy
and it helps you do more...

Go Beyond Sales Force Automation. The comprehensive cloud solution provides a 360-degree view of sales, marketing and service processes.

You can strengthen your business processes with Oracle Customer Experience solutions to enhance sales, service and marketing operations, strengthen customer relationships and gain more business with rich functionality.

Make your sales teams, channels and e-commerce sites sell faster, easier and more accurately anywhere and on any device.

Emerging technologies provide smarter data and smarter analysis to help employees create fast business value.

Next-generation finance teams create smarter companies by managing their supply chains and resources more intelligently. In order to manage your resources in the most efficient way, ERP Cloud applications will make you live tomorrow.

Oracle ERP Cloud provides an end-to-end solution with rich functionality from financial management to production, from purchase to project management.

Resistance to change is difficult to overcome. But; "Innovation" begins in thought.

With Oracle HCM (Human Capital Management) Cloud, you can adapt your organization for transformation and prepare for the future.

A smart, personal, adaptable and complete solution to help your workforce succeed, enabling you to increase enterprise productivity.

Oracle HCM Cloud offers the opportunity to benefit from international experience with its global human resources solution where the entire process is available to ensure the harmonization of general HR processes and spread the culture of compliance throughout the organization.

Oracle IaaS is a comprehensive set of integrated infrastructure services in which all technological workloads of enterprises are managed, hosted and supported by Oracle. Oracle has set a major goal in building the next generation cloud infrastructure: Building an infrastructure that reaches and exceeds the performance, control, and management level of enterprise data centers, while at the same time providing the scale, flexibility and cost savings of public clouds.

The Cloud Infrastructure is designed from scratch.

Oracle IaaS can successfully run all of the traditional multi-tier enterprise applications, high-performance workloads, and modern serverless and inclusive-based architectures.

Oracle Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers flexible configuration capabilities to run all your database workloads, large or small, with Oracle Engineered Systems performance and power.

Oracle Cloud provides customer-managed Database services that can be used with flexible configuration with hardware performance tailored to your needs.

It allows you to start with the cost and capacity appropriate to your use case, while providing the flexibility to adapt as your needs change over time.

You can leave the workload on your IT team to Oracle, which tends to do things like backup, disaster scenario management and maintenance, so that they can turn to innovation.

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