Business applications need technological knowledge and application development competence as well as process and functional product knowledge. Business, department or user-specific requirements may not be met by standard application functions.

ERA provides software development services for both in-system and in-application solutions.

Our software development team, with the experience gained in hundreds of projects, offers the software you need with today's technology.

Business process knowledge is the most important factor for the success of the software developed.

The enhancements provide the opportunity to maximize the sharing of information between departments and employees. First of all, ERA, knowing that every successful project requires a detailed and comprehensive analysis, conducts the examinations necessary for the project with its consultants, business analysts and technical analysts and ensures that the solution to be developed is prepared and adapted to the company in the most appropriate way.

The solution to be implemented will either be a completely custom solution for your company or a ready-made solution will be customized to suit your company's needs.

With over twenty years of project experience, ERA is committed to delivering timely, budget-friendly software with the expected functionality.

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