ERA Consulting shares its know-how in the fields of software testing processes, software automation and validation that have emerged as a result of many years in information technologies with its customers.

Information technology (IT) tests are performed by ERA Consulting experienced test team in a professional way using the latest test methodology, technical and automation tools.

In addition, ERA offers end-to-end testing at every stage of the software development lifecycle to ensure that all components integrated into your solution perform as designed, from start to finish.

ERA Consulting Services provides professional services in testing and validation which is one of the most important parts of software development process
  • Determining Project Requirements
  • Determining the Roles and Responsibilities of the Testing Process by Activity
  • Testing Process Performance Indicators and Performance Objectives Determination
  • Preparation of Templates for Testing Process, Methods and Techniques
  • Documentation of Test Method Implementation Steps
  • Unit Test Phase Consulting and Application
  • Consulting and Application in Functional Testing Phase
  • Integration Test Phase Consulting and Application
  • Automation Phase Consulting and Application
  • Consulting and Implementation in Load, Stress and Operational Test Phases
  • Training

Relationship Between Project Process and Test Process

ERA Consulting Services, with its experienced testing and validation team, aims to create successful software products by working together with its customers at every stage of software projects.

In order to achieve this goal, ERA Project Team is positioned from the beginning of the project until the final report is published, and the corporate testing processes are implemented.

Our main goal is to find the software errors in the design, planning, development and test phases of the systems in all of the projects we work in and to solve them before the system is taken into go-live.

We provide you with the following outputs throughout the working process:

  • Requirements Document
  • Test Plan Document
  • Test Detail Document
  • Automated Test Scenarios
  • Periodic Test Reports
  • Periodic Error Reports
With ERA, Applications Serve in the First Day Performance...

ERA Consulting Added Values:

  • Our Experience and Knowledge in All Project Phases
  • Providing a High Quality and Professional Testing Service to Our Customers by Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Improvement and Added Value to Its Customers at Every Stage of the Project with its Expert Team and Experience
  • Large Resource Pool
  • Resource Continuity

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